Jane Jacobs   Hypnotherapy -

I believe everyone has the answers to what they are seeking within them.  Hypnotherapy offers the pathway to  those answers that we  innately sense are there inside, but can find it so hard to reach.  In connecting to those answers, we are released to a greater happiness and fulfillment in our lives, which I believe is our birth right.

I offer Hypnotherapy techniques and processes tailored to suit you specifically.  

Hypnotherapy can help you with :

•    Self confidence
•    Stress management
•    Weight loss
•    Peaceful sleep
•    Addiction
•    Setting goals
•    Grief and loss/bereavement
•    Phobias
•    Relationship issues (past and present)
•    Anxiety
•    Personal growth
and more.

A typical session is usually 2  hours.  In these days of rushing from one commitment to another, I like to allow time to listen to you.  You deserve to be heard.

Concession rates are available.
Some Health Funds covered (depending on your level of cover)
Please contact me for more details.

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